Culinary experts award the best ice cream flavors for each of the 50 states then you can come taste them and help vote for the regional winners! The public tasting takes place June 19th, 2021 at the Boise Ice Cream Festival in Idaho.

Indulge in the classics, or try something new – there’s a flavor for everyone including a non-dairy category.

The inside scoop

The state winners will be picked by a panel of culinary experts that will including pastry chefs nominated for James Beard Awards or working for James Beard Award nominated restaurants and chefs. The regional winners will be picked by you at our American Ice Cream Awards event in Boise, Idaho on 6/19/21. The prize categories include Best Traditional Flavor, Best Creative Flavor, Best Non-Dairy Flavor, Best Gelato, Best Novelty Treat and several more.

Grab a spoon or twenty

Tickets to the American Ice Cream Awards will be available for purchase in April of 2021. There will be multiple session times so that we keep the crowds manageable and the lines short. Your ticket will give you unlimited access to sample all the ice cream flavors available during the time at your session. Ice cream from all 50 states will be on hand.

The Scoop

100’s of Flavors

The state winners will be announced in May 2021 and you can buy tickets to the final tasting where almost 2,000 ice cream lovers will sample them and vote for the regional champions!

Our Location

The regional sampling and voting will take place as the final event of the Boise Ice Cream Festival on June 19th, 2021 at JUMP in beautiful downtown Idaho. Tickets go on sale April 2021.